Games by Gage Melton


In Development. Projected Release Q4 2017
A cooperative/competitive local splitscreen party game. 2-4 players work with and/or against each other to gather crowns(points) as they fight for survival and to be captain of their space cat crew. Your energy is dwindling as you struggle to activate generators to power your ship.
Color Cannons
Published Mar. 1, 2017
Like sumo wrestling with tanks. 2-4 player local multiplayer game for PC and Mac. Features a unique turn-based combat inspired realtime combat system and 6 maps.
Rain in the Month of January
Published Jan. 22, 2017
Take a walk in the rain. Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam '17
A Garden Under A Red Sun
Published Sept. 1, 2016
Explore a colorful garden under a red sun. Made in 2 days for a weekly design challenge.
In Development
A first person procedurally generated parkour platformer.

The Simulation collapsed. Unknown beings created a simulation of the Universe, known only as The Simlation. The Director was created to manage the operation of The Simulation. Eventually The Simulation grew too large. As its final action The Director froze The Simulation and created you, The Divulgant, to traverse the Nongons. Your sole purpose to collect data on how, and why, The Simulation collapsed.


I'm Gage and I make cool and good video games, as you can see from the previous games you just scrolled past. I also make nasty memes, but don't tell my mom.


Twitter: @IndieGage
Medium: @IndieGage
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